Responsive Web Design

Put yourself in the shoes of your client.  You’re on the train, sat in a meeting or just relaxing at home, and you try to access your website from your phone or iPad. Rather than being able to achieve what you need to, you’re met with a slow site, one that doesn’t load properly and doesn’t provide you with everything you need.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Be responsive

That’s where responsive web design comes in.  It does exactly what is says on the tin.  It responds to the device you’re using so you can switch from your laptop to your iPad and to your phone and still access the same information in the right context. Your website should be clever enough to know what device your user is on and to adjust its resolution, image size and scripting abilities to suit it.

At Digital Cherry we believe that responsive web design is no longer a nice to have.  With mobile internet surpassing desktop usage in 2014 and 69% of tablet users purchasing online in the past month, it really is a necessity.

If you don’t get responsive then you could be left behind. Speak to us today to discuss how being responsive will benefit your business.


A few years ago, mobile websites were sold as an "add-on" - they were an a "nice to have" and indeed a lot of agencies out there will still charge you extra to make your website responsive. Our belief is that responsive websites are the standard now and that a site isn't great unless it is responsive (and we only build great sites!)

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